test entry fields not clearing on revisit

Nov 21, 2012

Hi all, I have created a software simulation in which users have to enter text into various text input fields.

It works fine the first time around but if they go back to try again, the text values they entered the first time do not clear even though I have the slide property to reset to initial state.

I assume this is a bug. Does anyone know of an easy way to work around this?

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Taco, you have to add a trigger to reset the text entry or numeric entry variable back to its inital  value.

I had to add a slide trigger for each text variable as follows;

action: adjust variable

variable: TextEntry1                  - enter the name of your text entry variable here

operator: = assignment

value: value                              - leave the value blank to set the text entry field back to empty

when: timeline starts

Paul DeHorn

Thanks Nancy for your original post and detailing the answer for Taco. I had the same need and your short post provided the solution. Wonderful.

Do you have any other tips/advice for working with text entry fields. I'm building a simulation and I'm getting it to work, but I'm really struggling with all the workarounds I'm needing to build. Below are the behaviors I'm trying to achieve but still having trouble with. I would love your input if you have time?

1. Cursor to appear in text entry field by default. I had to put the text entry on a separate layer to achieve this behavior. A previous post said to as long as the text entry is at the bottom of the timeline it should work. But I have either a screenshot or screen recording that need to be on the bottom.

2. Formatting the text entry box. I have the same issue that many other users report of the text box not retaining/or reverting back to the default settings. I basically wrestle with the formatting until I get it set and then I lock it on the timeline.

3. Tab to next field. I've turned off the Alt Text/Accessibility Tools option on all my slide objects, but pressing tab highlights objects on the Player window. I'm only able to get the tab key to work on a Question slide that was inserted automatically when I inserted a screen recording in Try Mode.

I've attached a sample, which may be easier to understand than my explanation.

Thanks, - Paul

Jackson Hamner

1) If you use the slide master and put your text entry on a layer on that slide master, then show that slide master layer at the beginning of the timeline then it will appear on top of everything and be selected by default. By doing this you can put whatever you want on the slide and the TE wont be covered up. When doing this be sparing of other layers on that slide though since sometimes those can overlap the SM layer. I attached a SL file demonstrating this.

2) Click inside of the text entry and set the formatting, then click the border of the text entry and set it again. I don't know if that really fixes it, but that usually works for me most of the time.

3) I've yet to get any keypress to work consistently in storyline.


Hope this helps!

Nancy Woinoski

Variables are global values that function independently of the slides they are on. If a user enters a value for a variable it will persist until something tells the variable to change.

The idea behind this is to enable Storyline to use the value captured on one slide in another part of the course - Say, for example, I have a field on the first slide in the course in which I have the user enter their name. Because the name is stored in a variable, Storyline remembers what the user entered and I can then display their name anywhere in the course. If the variable value was tied to the slide, then having the slide properties reset to the initial state would wipe out the value the user entered and I would not be able to display in other parts of the course.

The downside to this when using variables in the exercise I was describing in the original post is that when a user goes back to try the exercise again, Storyline remembers that the user has already entered values for the variables and retains that information so you have to add triggers to change the values back to their original values to reset them.

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