Test Issues

Oct 01, 2013

Hi, Articulate.

I am having troubles with a test on our LMS.

We need the course to behive like this:

On the first slide, there is one of four buttons (I erased the other three for this post)

That button takes you to the test, which has 4 questions (everyone's right answer is "true") and you pass it with 75% (three correct answes)

Whenever the learner retries the test, the new score will replace the old one, only if is higher. If not, the old score should remain.


Regarding to the button on the first slide:

I would need the buttons to retain their last state. If it has been visited, then it should remain orange. even in future sessions.

Is not working like that: the score is replaced, even if it is lower and the button's state resets. How can I fix that?

Please, help. 

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