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Nichole Chandler

Welp, thought that had fixed problem but it does not. 

I need to make the 'test mode' hotspot slides show when you click 'review quiz'. 

Does it matter if they are in different scenes? Do I need to change the default correct and incorrect layers on the quiz slides? 

Can any one help? Please?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nichole,

Sorry for the behavior you've experienced and the delay in getting to your post. Do you not see the test mode slides at all during the review? You mentioned they are in another scene - is that a different scene than the results slide? You may want to try ensuring that they're all in the same scene as the review triggers are set to jump to next slide vs. next scene. 

If you're still having difficulty it may be easier if we're able to see the .story file you're working with. 

Nichole Chandler


Thanks for getting back to me. The results slide was in the same scene as the 'test mode' slides but in a different scene as the multiple choice questions. The multiple choice questions could be reviewed but no the test mode questions. When I moved ALL quiz questions (multiple choice and test mode) into one scene - my problem was solved. It ended up being an easy fix-- so easy it was hard ;-) 

But I still does not make sense to me that it would review questions in a different scene but not questions in the same scene. 

I don't see 'review triggers' on any layer- should i be able to see these or is it a default setting that cannot be configured?

If I run into the problem again - I will attach the .story to this thread. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Nichole for the update - that definitely sounds odd though! I'm just glad it was an easy enough fix for you. 

The "review triggers" are hidden - so you won't see them in terms of showing the review layers or the actual layers themselves. You can customize and turn on the review layer as shown here.