Test Mode + Text entry not submitting properly

Hi all!  I hope that I can explain this properly...

I have created a Test Mode recording.  I have it set up so that the user can click on a menu option, tab, field, etc, and they automatically progress to the next slide without clicking a Submit button--while still getting points for a correct click. 

When it comes to text entry, I have inserted a Text Entry data input box into a field.  I want the user to enter text (any text) into the field, and click a Submit button to move on.  I also want the user to receive points for clicking in this field.  However, when I include both a hotspot and a Text entry box, the recording automatically moves on to the next slide when the user clicks in the field without entering text even though I have a trigger set up that says do not move on until the Submit button is clicked.  These are the triggers in order on the slide:

1) Set Text Entry equal to the typed value when the control loses focus. (I can't edit this one at all)
2) Jump to Next Slide when user clicks the Submit button
3) Submit interaction Hotpot when user clicks Submit button

Note that I have also tried switching #2  & #3 positions, and I'm still not getting the desired result.  If I remove the hotspot, then the user does not get points because it is not considered a Test slide.

Any ideas on how to get this to work?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kathy,

What's the question type you set this up with - a hotspot question, or was it recorded as a screen recording? If the latter, each action of the user will be calculated as an individual action and submit the slide. If it's working as I'd expect you should have two slides - one for the click in the text entry and one for the actual text the user is going to enter.

If you want to remove the one hotspot slide, could you set it up as a short answer/fill in the blank question type? 

If you're still running into issues with this, can you share a copy of your .story file here with us?