Test on Ipad (logo and restricted navigation)

I created a e-learning module with articulate storyline. It works perfectly on PC but on Ipad I have some complications :

- the logo doesn't display.

- the restricted navigation works on PC but not on IPAD.

According to this page (Comparing Storyline's Flash, HTML5, and Articulate Mobile Player Output) the logo and the restricted navigation should work...

Could you help me to resolve those issues?

Thanks a lot

Best regards

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Adrian Dean

Hi Amelie,

Thanks for clarifying. If you double check the link you mentioned earlier, you'll see that restricted navigation is not currently possible with HTML5 output (Player:Menu section). That said, your Logo should be showing. 

Have you tried removing the logo and re-adding before re-publishing? Would you be able to share the file here so that I can take a look?