Test-Out Option in Storyline2

Is it possible to create a test-out option for a student?

There is one course in particular that students are asked to re-take each year and instead of having them re-watch the course every time, I was going to see if I could create something for them to have a chance to ace the test without having to re-watch information they probably already know. My initial thought was to have the test at the beginning, create a variable or condition dependent on if they pass and if they a) pass-then they could be done for the course or b) don't pass-then it would direct them to the e-learning and the test again at the end.

Would that work? Is that even possible? :)

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kelcy

sure you could have an assessment at the beginning that goes to a result slide...The result slide would say Passes / Not passed and you could have buttons to review the content and the retry the quiz.  Add triggers if they passed an EXIT button would display to get them out of there, or a REVIEW CONTENT button would display to make them take the course again.

Hope that helps