Test out option - looking for the best way to track results

Hi Folks - I have a client (using CSOD) and we are prepping a test-out course for them to use.  I have a sample prepped - but right now it is only tracking based on exiting the course and the client wants to be able to track all of the test scores (both initial and final - if they end up failing the first exam)  I have done quite a bit of research in the discussions but have failed to see a reliable solution.  Looking for help.

- one quiz question pool

-two results pages - (do I need to make this to one results page in order to get the tracking my client needs?) The client needs the test-out to track @ 90% and the follow-up test to track @ 80% so I didn't think I could do that with a single results page.

If I build a third results slide - the "reported" slide can I pick and chose what information gets sent to that "reported" results slide?  For example could I send send only passing results of test one OR either the failing or the passing results of test two to the slide?  The client won't know what test they took but they will know the score.  (Not sure that will solve the final problem but it is a start)


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