Test out Storyline 360 sending data from a form field to an LRS

Jul 09, 2017

Hi all,

 I'm going to be working on a blog post and tutorials to show you one way to send form field data in Articulate 360/3 from to an LRS. I'd love to get some data to show prior to writing this so I can capture a screenshot.

Would you mind launching this project sample, commenting in the comments field, and submitting. Sign your name at the end of the comment if you want to appear in my post!

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Melissa Milloway

I did get your selections on the thumbs up/thumbs down though. I wonder if the commenting won't work on phone unless you click out of box because I have the comments to set to variable when control of text box loses focus.

 Update - Yep that is it. If you do it on PC it's fine. On mobile unless the control loses focus, it won't set the variable.  So the user can't just type in the field and click submit. They also have to click somewhere else on the screen after typing in the field. I think maybe I can do something to force it to lose focus.

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