Test Out w/no post test

I have a course where users can test out. If they fail, they are directed to the full course. If they pass, they are directed to a few reminder slides and then prompted to click submit, exiting the course. The problem is that I don't see a way to mark the course as complete for those who failed the pre-test and reviewed all of the content. Is there a way to mark the course as 100% or complete without requiring a post-test?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jaycee,

Storyline can only track one completion result to an LMS - so if you're using a pre/post test and a results slide for each, you may need to look further at some custom methods to set this up. 

One way to set this up using both of those tests and the separate results slide for the pre and post test, would be to combine them with a final results slide at the end that will calculate the score from both results slides. You can then report using this final slide to the LMS.  You may need to adjust the final results slides passing score, as they may only take the pre test. 

If you really only are looking to track them based on one individual result, I suspect someone in the community can offer ideas on how to do this with a custom set up perhaps using Javascript.