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Jan 24, 2014

We will be placing a Storyline project on the Web in the near future.  No tracking or quizzes.  Our IT Department is looking for a test program that they can work with ensure our final solution will work properly given our system's quirky requirements for publication.  Our ultimate solution will include lighboxes, videos, and some hyperlinks to other pages.

Does ANYONE out there have STORYLINE programs that they are willing to share with me to be use as a test for us?  It won't be made public and will but will be used to ensure our system will maximize all of the functions of Storyline.  Once our ultimate solution is ready in a few months, we can then just plug it in knowing it will work.  

Can anyone help??


eLearning Manager

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Lance,

I don't have any projects available that I can share for this. Hopefully you'll get some responses from the other community members that are able to help.

In the meantime, perhaps you could take a look at the example files for Storyline and see if there are any that might work for testing purposes. 

Here's the Storyline download page. There's quite a few different freebies that might help. Also, the majority of the tutorials contain example/test files that you can download and modify, then upload for testing.

Another great place to check would be the Building Better Courses section of the forums. People post their examples here quite often. 

Another option would be to use Google. Search for something similar to "Storyline example site:community.articulate.com".

Best of luck! :)

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