[Test Results] Eliminating Margin Around Storyline Content in Presenter

Jun 08, 2015

When I purchased Storyline I didn't realize how difficult it would be to incorporate Storyline content into Articulate Presenter presentations.

I am working in 16:9, using a chromeless Storyline player, and following the recommended method of adding the Storyline output to the Presenter project as a web object. This always results in an unusual margin/border around the Storyline content. My goal is to eliminate this margin.

Here are the results of embedding Storyline projects created at various sizes into a Presenter project:

2047px is the maximum size (in either dimension) that Storyline can output at. The margin gets smaller as the output size increases but never fully disappears. Larger Storyline projects also mean higher bandwidth demands.

I've tried tweaking the values in the story.html file but haven't been able to affect the margin. I'm not sure at what point this margin is even being introduced, perhaps someone on the Articulate team can track down the technical answer for me using the clues available from the screenshots above.

Has anyone ever seen a Storyline project cleanly embedded into a Presenter presentation? It's hard to believe there isn't some hack to make this work.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andy,

Thanks for sharing the images here and what the behavior you have set up. Even when using a chromeless player there is always a certain amount of padding included from the player as described here. I can't offer any information in terms of modifying the published output, but hopefully someone in the community will be able to share some information if they've removed those margins. 

Andy Lundquist

Thanks, Ashley. I worked with a web developer to tweak the story.html and story.js code until the margins were effectively cropped off in the Presenter player. It's a hacky solution and not extensively tested, but the best I could hope for short of Storyline actually publishing at the specified size.

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