Test Results Scaling


I would like to know if it's possible to have a test in Storyline that does not output a pass/fail score, but rather a rating based on the score achieved.  So for example, >89% is Blue, 75-89% is Green, 60-74% is Orange and <60% is Red.

Ideally, I would be able to give "grades" for up to 11 different score ranges.  Even more ideally, this would then output to our LMS.

Thanks for any help!!


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Simon Blair

Hi Jon,

If you can pass a text variable to your LMS, then this should work.

  1. Create a variable called "Rating"
  2. After the test, use the following triggers to set the variable (the order matters)
    • Set Rating to Red
    • Set Rating to Orange if the score is >= 60%
    • Set Rating to Green if the score is >= 75%
    • Set Rating to Blue if the score is >= 90%
  3. Send the value stored in Rating to the LMS.