Test review

This issue looks like it has popped up a few times but I don't see an answer to it. I hope there is a quick fix. 

I put together a 10 question test. At the end on the results page there is the review button. When the learner click on it they go back to question 1 and they can't see how they answered it, I think because it has 4 matching boxes. The next 9 questions are multiple choice. There is a check next to the correct answer not the answer the learner choose. And the is a red "Incorrect" box across the bottom that can be closed on every slide. Why? How do I remove it or get it to display "Correct". I'm thinking I checked a wrong box some place> 

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Eric Schaffer

Phil you hit it on the head, when I had it set to reset to original start I think the program looks at it as not answered so they are all wrong. That has fixed that issue. Now let me try you on another. When the learner reviews the test after failing there is a check mark next to the correct answer. How do I remove that? I don't want to give them all the answers.