Test Versions and Different Questions

Jul 29, 2013

Hi everyone,

I am developing a test and I need help with creating multiple versions.

The test has 3 sections, the first 2 are composed of multiple choice/drag and drop and are fine with shuffling answers.

The 3rd section is composed of 3 dialogues with multiple choice questions for each. Each dialogue has 3 versions (i.e. 3 slightly similar dialogues). I need to be able to randomize the selection of which dialogue is displayed, but only have 1 of the three displayed for each time the test is taken (i.e. dialogue 1A, 1B and 1C, only one of those will appear each time the test is taken).

Does this seem like something that Articulate Storyline can do? I know I can randomize draws from the bank, but I don't want ALL of them shown, I only want a random one of the three shown.

Thanks for your help! Please let me know also if this isn't possible so I can try to find a different solution.


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