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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jay,

There isn't a particular site I would recommend, as you'll want to test within the intended environment to ensure everything works in your publish set up and on the devices your users will be accessing it through. You could try testing the HTML5 output ( by pointing to the story_html5.html link) within Google Chrome on your desktop/laptop, as that browser has good support for HTML5. Additionally you may want to review this comparison chart regarding HTML5, Flash and the mobile player.  Also, there are some great tutorials here on optimizing your content for HTML5. 

Phil Mayor

Michael Hinze said:

Jay, for initial testing you can use any of the desktop browsers Ashley mentioned, but nothing replaces testing on actual hardware. You'll  find that HTML5 output viewed on a desktop browser will behave differently from Safari on a mobile device. So test early, test often on hardware!