Testing for SL2 acceptance?

We're about to get SL2 onto our machines - which is great news and we're keen to get going :)

The thing is we've not used SL before (I have used Captivate) and our IT department have asked us to do some testing on it to sign their "Acceptance" form! Until I do that on one of their machines, we don't get it onto ours. We'd planned to get to know it better once it was on our machines ;)

I'm planning to play around and add audio, video. Publish and put the SCORM into our LMS. Download a few templates and play around with them and the functions included.

How does that sound? What would be your key focus on testing? Does anyone have a script?

Baring in mind I don't want to spend too long...I want the software onto our machines asap so we can start creating :)




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Trina Rimmer

Hi Karen. Have you asked your IT team for a checklist? Or maybe their "Acceptance form" has the testing criteria specified?

In my experience, when the IT team asks for "Acceptance Testing" what they're looking to confirm is that their install of the software was successful. Did they enable all of appropriate features of the software? Does it do the basics like open, save, print, etc? That being said, your performance test seems very robust and should satisfy their needs.

Happy testing!