Testing lighboxes

Aug 06, 2017

To test a "lighbox" slide I understand that one has to preview the entire project. Could it be possible to save time to preview just the slide with its associated links instead ?


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Michael Bauer

Hi Philippe

Something to thinink about ... if a learner is on (for example) slide 3, and clicks to view the Lightbox pop-up (which in reality is) slide 4, if they leave the course on the lightbox and return to the course and lick Yes at the prompt to return to the previous screen, they won't return to slide 3, or slide 3 with the lightbox, they just return to the slide 4 lightbox.

This potentially means they won't have Previous/Next buttons and will then be stuck. You can of course build your way around this and create your own "return to slide 3" button of some sort to alleviate this issue.

Us Heroes can (mostly) always find a workaround solution!

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