Testing of e-learning lessons

Hi All,

I am interested in learning how other e-learning developers test their lessons before uploading to a LMS. I currently use variables to skip sections that I have already tested. This is possible in lessons that are dependent on a variable being true for advancement. By basically adding a control slide above the starting slide and with some buttons linked to the advancement variable in each scene this has saved me plenty of time.

The other side of testing is testing the combinations of incorrect/correct answers. This is the topic I would like to discuss. Has anyone developed a way to short track this process?

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Harri C

Hi David,

This is an interesting topic, if only because there is a fine line between speeding up the testing process to ensure efficiency vs degrading the quality of the testing itself.

One thing we've found is that no one person can fully test a course they themselves have produced. Everyone knows how their project is supposed to work and that influences how we 'test' it so we always ensure that at least two other people (that haven't been involved in the build) test the content. This helps to unearth learning design/navigation issues as well as bugs or glitches.

Simon Perkins

Definitely a good question to raise David.

I also alter variables on occasion depending on what needs to be tested. I do the same not just for myself but also when inviting others to test/review.

Speaking of which, Harri is correct in that other people are highly likely to spot things that we, as designers/developers, can easily miss. This applies not only to SMEs and stakeholders but also a pilot group of learners. Here's a post I wrote on my blog a couple of weeks ago: Involve your audience.

Dave Engage

Hi Simon, a published flowchart that displays all triggers and variables for each slide and how they interconnect. This would be used for a technical review to ensure a project will operate as required. You would be able to pinpoint any problem quite easy with a flow chart. If the software could display problematic areas with a cross or something like that it would be very valuable.