Master heading alignment ignored by slide

May 31, 2018

The company I work for has a suite of 80+ Storyline courses which all need to be rebranded. Fortunately the rebrand is light and I only need to change the header in each of the masters. The problem I have is that the headings in the new header need to be right aligned whereas they were left aligned in the original. When I go into the master and change the alignment of the headings to right and reposition them the re-alignment is completely ignored on the slide but the repositioning is not. The problem this causes is that I have to then visit every single slide in every course and manually re-align the text. This is making a job which should take a short amount of time take exponentially longer.

Before anyone makes the suggestion of resetting the slide, I have of course done that and it makes no difference. All slides are using the master headings so that is not the issue either. 

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, this job is monotonous enough as it is!

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