Text and line spacing different when preview and publish

I'm going a bit crazy because the previewed and published text and line spacing when I publish (image on right) does not resemble what I have on the slide (image on left), and because I can't see any spaces on the slide, I have no idea how to fix it so it looks right when published.  Thanks for your help in advance.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Frances,

That does look quite a bit different. What font are you using? Does this still happen if you change to a different font? For example, if you're using Articulate, try Arial, or possibly a different size. 

How are you viewing the published output? Try to make sure that you're viewing it on a web server or LMS - try not to view it locally, if possible.

Are you able to share a link to the published and uploaded version, or attach the .STORY file here? If so, I'd be happy to take a look.

Thanks and happy holidays!

Frances Steinberg

Happy holiday to you too Christine.  I've taken a scene out of the project and attached it.  You can see the web published version at http://solutions-unlimited.co.nz/shock%20slide%20output/story.html

The font doesn't matter, but thinking about it, it seems to occur whenever there's a variable in the first line, which should not matter, but seems to!

Thanks for looking into this, it's driving me a bit crazy because I can't take out spaces that aren't there!!!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Frances,

Thanks very much for the additional information and file!

Yes - you're actually 100% correct. I did a little digging and found out that this is actually a bug. This is happening because of the variable text that's inside that text box. Here's another thread on the topic as well.

I discovered a workaround that may help, though. I created a new layer with the "Hi, %FirstName%." text and variable and placed it over the textbox on the base layer. The text for the base layer seems to stay in tact now and the variable should adjust properly when you need it.

I'm sure you're able to try it out with your existing file, but I'm providing my modified version just in case you want to take a look.

Thanks again!