Text animations by first level paragraph disrupt tab order

Hello all, 

I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this problem or has found a good solution or workaround. I'm looking at making my courses more ADA-compliant, and a problem I'm running into is when text is animated in by first level paragraph (as in a bulleted or ordered list) the tab order of the slide seems to get shuffled or disrupted. 

In a course that I am working on now, the tab order seems to shift randomly among the different items in the list and also to the entire textbox that contains the text. This will prompt screen readers to read text out of order and read the entire text box twice, in addition to forcing those who use keyboard navigation to cycle through an unnecessary amount of items. 

The obvious workaround is to have the text animate in all at once, and does seem to fix the tab order issue. Is there any way to preserve those kind of animations and keep appropriate tab order? Is this a known issue in Storyline?


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Amy Jordens

Hi there, I am having this issue almost 7 YEARS after it was first reported here, and 10 months since you said you're working hard to eliminate these sorts of speedbumps. Any progress? I did not anticipate this issue and only discovered it once I started testing the tab order on what I had developed so far. (I am working in SL 360, version 3.24.) If your workaround is still to separate each bullet into its own text box, that is disappointing.

Katie Riggio

I'm so sorry for the trouble, Amy and Karen.

I can appreciate how frustrating this bug's impact has been. No news yet, but rest assured we're committed to addressing a number of long-standing accessibility issues. I'm going to make sure your voices are heard, and share any updates with you as soon as I can.

The only workaround we discovered is to change the effects options to 'As One Object.' Our Support Engineers are also happy to work with you one-on-one to look for any other tailored approaches. Click here to start a conversation with the team!

Vincent Scoma

Hi Everyone,

I am happy to share that we just released the newest version of Storyline 360 Build 3.37.21453.0. This new release fixed the issue where text animations with the effect options set to “By Paragraph” would cause a text box to be tabbed through multiple times. 

The next step is to update Storyline 360 by heading to your Articulate 360 desktop app and clicking "Update" next to Storyline 360. 

As always, we are happy to answer any questions you have by posting in this discussion, or you can contact our Support Engineers directly.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Josh!

We’re continuing to support Storyline 3 with bug fixes periodically. Our process for updating Storyline 3 is different than it is for Storyline 360, so they won’t be in sync. We do occasionally release fixes between updates, but that can introduce risks so we undertake that only in limited circumstances.

The vast majority of our customers are using Articulate 360, so that’s where we’re putting our focus. If there’s anything we can do to help you make the case for Articulate 360, let us know. We’re happy to help.