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Hi there, I just signed up for the free trial version in order to get used to this program.  When I write in the text box, the text starts to blink automatically.  It is really disturbing not to see the whole text while editing. I've already  uninstalled and install it twice but it is still the same...

Thanks a lot for your help!



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Rosaria Marraffino

Hi Alba and Nejc,

I was able to "solve" the issue by disabling the modern text feature. Go to the Design tab, click the Fonts drop-down list, and deselect Use Modern Text at the bottom.

It worked for me, not sure it will work for you too, it really depends on what's causing the issue. For me it "might" be the fact that I am using a virtual machine. 

Give it a try and hopefully it'll work for you too


Lauren Connelly

Hello Mortilaine Riley!

Sorry, you're running into these issues! It sounds like you've tried the recommended steps shared in this discussion. I'd recommend connecting with our Support Engineers, who will be able to take a deeper dive into what is getting in the way! You can reach our Support Engineers in a support case.