Text-Box - changing textsize when editing

May 08, 2012

When editing a text, the width, heigth and position of the text changes when clicking into the Text box (see coloured lines in attachment).
This makes it a little bit difficult to place the Text to the exact position when more elements are on screen.

Is this something that depends on my computer-settings (which?) or is it a 'storyline-thing'?

Thanks, Roman

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Tessa Maki

Ok, so I'm trying out the demo and this text issue is the only thing that I'm really not liking so far. Even when I've got it set at 100% I'm finding that when I change the text size on my master slide, that as soon as I click out of the box it adjusts the size. Once I click out and come back in, then it stays the same size...but that's crazy to have to do that every time. (Now that I'm testing it more, I've found that whether I change it to 24 or 28 it adjusts it to the same size when I click out. I feel like I'm going insane. It feels like there's something above the master controlling the formatting.) [Update: This issue appears to have just been a glitch in the overall Master slide, when I edit it on the different layouts it works fine. I cannot recreate it in a different project, so it must have been a fluke - thank goodness!!!] 

The other question I have is if there's any tricks for when you import PPT slides into Storyline. When I had the view as "Fit to Window," the formating would be correct (i.e. matched how it appeared in PPT) as long as my cursor was in the text box; then when I clicked out of the box, the text would become larger, causing words to be lost behind a graphic. Now that I've adjusted the zoom to 100% the formatting stays the same whether I'm in the box or not - unfortunately, it's the wrong formatting that makes the text larger/disappear. This will be a HUGE drawback to switching to Storyling if I'll have to go through and fix the formatting on every slide that I bring in from our existing PPTs.

I've also noticed that my text in PPT is Calibri 20, and in SL it's Calibri 15 but is actually larger than in PPT. It seems really strange that the fonts sizes wouldn't be the same.

Any ideas (or better yet, assurance that this will be fixed soon) would be much appreciated!



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