Text Box Fill Issue.

Hello and Good Morning!


i have problem with my Text Boxes and Shapes!!  I am not sure what has happened but I downloaded my Character Bundles into Articulate 2.  Ever since I have done that my Text boxes won’t fill in correctly.  I have a screenshot but I cannot load it here.  Is there a way to fix this??


thank you, Daren

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Daren. Welcome to the Articulate family!

Thanks for sharing what you're seeing – that does look odd! I'm unable to recreate this Shape Fill behavior in a sample file, so I'll need your help.

Since this wonkiness happened recently, a simple Storyline 2 repair should help get both functions back to normalcy. Could you give these steps a try and let me know what happens after? If that doesn't help, could you share just a basic .STORY slide that holds this oddity with me so I can take a look? You can share it publicly here by using the Add Attachment button in your reply, or send it privately by using this upload link. Thanks!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Denise! I know you're working under a tight deadline, so we want to get you the help you need as soon as possible. Your case is is in the right place, and you'll hear back from us soon.

If you want to expedite the process, you can send a copy of the affected slide directly to your case using this form. 

Denise Wilson

Hello. I found the correct fix for this issue. Win 10 now allows you to specify a resolution/dpi for a specific app.  I used the directions found below and it worked great.  

I gently suggest you update your knowledge base with this.  it worked perfectly by selecting options for just this app, on windows startup and then for override, choosing application not system enhanced.