Text Box formatting not saving when Storyline closes down

Aug 03, 2018

Help!  Whenever I close down Storyline after saving the text box formatting resets.  I just saved and published my Storyline file to Articulate Review and everything appeared to work perfectly.  I opened my Storyline file back up, because I had forgot to insert one slide, and all the text box formatting is gone. I've spent HOURS over several days trying to figure out what is happening and I've ready many, many posts on here and despite everything I do nothing seems to save this.  

Importnat: This is an imported .ppt file.

This is so incredibly frustrating and I'm not meeting deadlines because I have to keep re-editting 616 text boxes.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Andrew! Really sorry for all of the time and energy you've had to put into fixing the formatting in this course. Once you save a file, the formatting definitely shouldn't revert back to the way it was in an older version.

Let's try a simple test:

  • Change the formatting on one textbox on one slide in the course.
  • Click File >> Save, and be sure you're saving to your local hard drive.
  • Close the course.
  • Reopen the course, and check the textbox. Was the formatting retained?
Now  In Training

Alyssa, it's happening again!  When I import a file into Storyline from Powerpoint everything transfers over properly and it all looks good.  There are a few places where I have to format the text boxes but overall it looks good.  I save it, publish it to Review and everything works and looks good!  But then, I open the Storyline file back up to make requested changes and the text box formatting is lost.  I then have to go back through the entire Storyline file and edit every text box  to 1) Do not auto fit and 2) check auto wrap. Once I save it this time it will be permanently saved.  

In response to your question above, if I change the formatting in a text box - yes, it saves.  The issues is that the formatting that was imported in, on the other 600 slides, doesn't save when reopened.  


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrew, 

Gosh, I'm sorry you've run into this again! 

When you went through Alyssa's test, were you able to check that files are being saved, edited and published locally and adhering to the other guidelines here? Have you tried adjusting the formatting on one of the imported text boxes to see if that made any difference after a save and reopen? 

Is anything else changing like the story size, fonts, etc.? Or only the text box formatting? I'd love to compare one of your .PPT files to my own and do some more testing. Can you share a copy of it here with us?

Now  In Training

Hi Ashley, I finally found the issue!  The issue was from changing the background color from the Storyline " Design Theme."  The themes must have some text box formatting attached to them and it was changing my text box format when closing down the program and then reopening.  It is weird that the formatting doesn't show right away, but instead only appears after reopening the file. I am so glad I figured this out - it was consuming an exorbitant amount of time!

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