Text Box issues since trial

A little over a month ago, we ran a trial of the Storyline 2. We used it on one file to see the differences. We decided to not upgrad, deleted the trial, and went back to using 1. We can no longer open our Storyline files by double-clicking on them. We have to open the program, then the file (any of them).  Now we have noticed that our text controls/boxes/bubbles, especially in questions, are messed up beyond belief. They are suddenly under an auto sizing, response controls are all over the place, and running under graphics that they never did before.  I have had to go back in and adjust every single text box and image. Is there a reason for this?


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Emily Ruby

Hello Emmy!

As far as the opening of the files, when you downloaded Storyline 2, this would have become the default to open all SL files. You will need to right click the files, and choose Open With and then choose default program.

For the other issue, please make sure that you are working locally as described here. You can also follow the steps here if you continue to see this behavior.

Emmy  VandenLangenberg

For the last two years, we haven't had a single problem like this since we did the SL2 trial. We only work locally since we already know our intranet's limitations. These are Storylines that are massive, stable, and have not given us any issues...until now.

Storyline 2 has been uninstalled (immediately when we didn't see the need.) Our A1 has since been uninstalled and re-installed. A1 does not show up as an option for being selected as the default program. As I said, as of now, the ONLY way the modules will open is if the program is open first. There seems to be a glitch created by the SL2 trial that affects existing files and the original program.