Text box not resizing


In the attached file, I have the user typing text into a text entry field on the left.

That text then gets incorporated into the text box on the right.

My issue is that if you type a large amount of text, the box on the right does not resize, but rather the text in it gets really small.

I have the box's formatting options set to "resize shape to fit text", which I thought would do what I want to do.

Any suggestions?

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Walt Hamilton

You are using a variable reference in the right side, and I think that somehow variable references are not authorized to resize text boxes. Text entry boxes also do not resize when learners type into them, so I'm starting to think that the choice between expanding the text box or shrinking the text is something that applies only to the development phase, and not to anything the learner can do.

What you can do is set the text box to Not resize, then create it with an arbitrarily large height, like 5000.

There are still drawbacks to that approach. The scroll panel will have a large amount of blank space after a short story; the text will still shrink after a story that is longer than the text box; you will lose the aesthetics of the container resizing to fit the contents. On the other hand, the contents will still be legible. I think you have to choose your trade-off