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On my slide master, I have a text box placeholder and the theme fonts are selected. I've set the text box to Do Not Autofit and the margins I want. All good so far.

I'm cutting and pasting text from a Word document into a brand new project on my local drive, but whether I paste using Use Destination Theme or Keep Text Only, the Paragraph formatting is 8pt Before, 4pt After and Multiple Linespacing of 1.15, which are not the settings I want. The placeholder on the slide master is NOT formatted this way; in fact, it doesn't even recognize my settings if I try to set them on the master. Where are these settings coming from? How do I override them? 

I know I can use Format Painter, but that is very manually intensive and it's a major pain. There's no option on the right-click menu to Set as Text Default. Can someone tell me how to apply my Paragraph settings quickly and easily throughout my project? I don't even want to continue this project in Storyline if I have to manually format hundreds of paragraphs. Thank you.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kendra!

Sounds like you've run into an issue that our QA Team has been made aware of. The paragraph settings for the placeholder text on the master slides is not working in the slides as they should.

I will add this thread for our team for users impacted as well as to be able to provide an update when applicable.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Kendra -- I wanted to stop in to note that unfortunately, we are not able to share a timeframe for if or when issues may be resolved by our QA team, just as we are not able to announce product roadmaps or release dates for new products/features or updates. In the meantime, you are welcome to share your thoughts submitting a feature request here as those go directly to our product development team.

Kendra Kernen

Hi Christie. I do submit feature requests on a regular basis, but was asking about the update only because a timeline would help me determine whether or not I use Storyline for my upcoming projects. Starting from scratch as I must do--copying and pasting from Word docs--the amount of time it would take me to manually change the formatting on every text box on every slide on multiple projects is just prohibitive. Fortunately, my first deadline isn't until June, so I can afford to wait a few weeks before I have to decide. Thanks for the info!