Text box resizes itself (without permission!) on laptop when I open the slide

Hello Storyline 2 Users,

I am totally baffled by this technical glitch that seems to be affecting me, but not my three other colleagues. I’ll explain what happens, and then I’ll explain actions I took to troubleshoot.

Actually, after writing this, I think I’ve pin-pointed the issue. You can keep reading to see what I tried (as that might be helpful to others with this problem), or jump down to the italicized text and go from there!

I have a slide with an introductory sentence and three checkmark bullets. The last bullet is supposed to have only two lines of text. When I open the file, somehow the text box resizes itself a hair so that the last bullet has three lines of text (which caused something to display on top of the last line that shouldn’t have.) I only noticed it by accident, because I was doing a QA of the published file and saw it. It was not a slide that I had touched or edited from its original version. Yes, of course I can stretch the box that extra fraction and make it fit, but what if this happens on other slides? Every time I open a file that someone else creates, I’d have to check every single slide!

Here are some details as of Friday, Feb 3:

·        All three of us are using the same update of Storyline 2. In fact, we all just did updates, and checked versions.

·        The source file is on a shared drive. We each downloaded that file and went directly to slide 4.7 and opened it. Theirs opened as expected. Mine wrapped in a different way (text box is slightly less wide).

·        We compared the Story size… all are 720 x 405 with the lock aspect ratio checked.

·        We checked the font… Everyone has Open sans 13.

·        We clicked on the text box, then right-clicked and selected Format Shape/Text box, to compare settings. We all have the same thing. Top, Horizontal, Do not autofit; left and right 10px; top and bottom 5px. The box is checked for wrap text in shape.

·        I totally uninstalled Storyline and reinstalled it. Downloaded the file fresh and went directly to the offending slide. It’s still a problem.

I can’t think of anything else. The only thing that is not the same for us is that we have different pcs—I’m using a Dell laptop; they are using Dell desktops.

After documenting all of this for your consideration, I just got an idea….

Saturday, Feb 4: I saved the file from my laptop (no changes) to a flash drive and loaded it onto my home desktop machine. Finally! Problem pin-pointed. It showed properly on the desktop, so now I know it has to do with my laptop.

Where on earth would I look, or what would I change? I don't think it would be a Storyline setting...


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Janet Bernhards

You two are amazing! Phil, it was the DPI. Wendy, the instructions were just what I needed. My setting was for 150%, not 100%. On this laptop, at 100%  the text under desktop icons or in Outlook is so tiny (like about 4 pt) it's illegible!  I tested the file at the 100% and it was just fine. So, it looks like I can change the setting when I'm working in SL and put it back for my other work.

Thanks again for solving this mystery,