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May 31, 2019

Hi all

Why do my text boxes always show as "show until end"?  It seems as this is the default, but I have set a default text box of 10 seconds.



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Eric Rowland

Well I think I would edit one text box with the Show Until End setting off - then just copy and paste that text box. It carriers over that saved setting - so you won't need to change it for any of the copy+pasted text boxes you create. 

I am not 100% if there is a general setting anywhere that you can change them all one way or another. 



Melissa McDaniel

What am I missing so that when I have a 30 min video that I decide after adding/editing the video, I want to add a title as an intro? As soon as I select insert new text box, the text box has a 30 minute "time" when I want it to be 15 secs at the beginning only.  This is extremely frustrating since it retains its "time" after unchecking to which I have to go to the end of the timeline to grab it and drag it to shorten it to the time I need. 

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