Text boxes adjusting themselves within States

I have a slide where I linked multiple text boxes to direct the user to sections (screen shot 1 in the attachment). Each box is set to change to the Visited state when clicked (screen shot 2 shows the size of the box in the Normal state). When I created the course, I did not alter the size of the box in the Visited state, just added the trigger to the built-in Visited state. The course has worked fine for two years. Yesterday I went into the course and changed some policy link triggers in other slides but never even opened this slide. Somehow, for each text box, the size of the Visited state box changed itself (screen shot 3). This means that when the user clicks on any section header after visiting the first box, they get the trigger for Correct Format instead of what they are supposed to get.

To make it more interesting, even though the size of the box changed, the word wrap didn't change in the Correct Format box making it a challenge for me to find the problem. And just for grins and giggles, some (not all) of the text boxes on the right side of the slide shifted to right-justified in the new boxes so that the text disappeared off the slide to the right.

I have seen this before when re-opening old courses, but usually in the Normal state. I have never seen it happen only in a different state.

Question 1: Why did this happen, and was/is there something I can do to avoid this in the future?

Question 2: I changed policy links in about 30 courses yesterday - does that mean I need to go back and preview every single course to look for problems?

I can share an old version of the course if it will help.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Steve! Thanks so much for including those screenshots. I agree that I've never seen that kind of issue happen within states before. This is certainly a puzzle.

In what version of Storyline was the original project created? Did you reopen the file using the same version, or a newer update of the same version?

Also, is the file stored on your local hard drive or on a network drive?

If you don't mind sharing one of the troublesome files with us here, that would be incredibly helpful!

Steve Hazelton

It's on its way. Originally created in SL2 in 2016, this copy was brought into SL360 in 2017 and is what I worked from to create last week's update. This copy never made it to the our LMS so the problem was not noticed back then, although as you will see it did exist then. If you want the original SL2 version I can also send it.

And guilty as charged, your honor - I probably opened this straight off our network instead of bringing it to my desktop first,