Text boxes: buggy as anything or is it just me?

Aug 06, 2013

Hi all, new Storyline user here.

I'm using Storyline update 3. Text boxes seem to be very buggy.

1. When typing text into a "narrow" text box (50% of slide width), sometimes word wrap leaves phantom characters at the end of a line. For example:

Tick the blah blah text b|


Here, the | marks the end of the line, and the word box has been wordwrapped. But if I delete the "b" at the end of the line, it also disappears from the start of the next line.

2. Double-clicking a single word in a line of text at the bottom of a text box sometimes selects the entire paragraph.

3. Sometimes clicking inside a text box makes the text size change on its own. I've seen reference to this elsewhere on the forum. Yes, the zoom is set at 100%. Always.

4. Sometimes selecting two paragraphs and applying a bullet point style will apply the style, but the bullet won't appear for the first paragraph, even though the "bullet text" button in the ribbon is highlighted.

5. If you enter text into a text box, then re-size the text box, the text size changes. This makes it fiddly to try to shoehorn text into a restricted area, as you then have to resize it all again.

Are all these known issues?

I'm using a trial version so I probably can't log  bug reports.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nick and welcome to Heroes!

Sorry to hear you're having a hard time with your text boxes, and as it sounds like there are a number of things happening it would probably be best to share your .story file or submit it to us privately by opening a Support case (which is available to trial users) and that way we can take a look at exactly what is happening. 

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