Text boxes disappearing/jumping off screen when playing


I'm creating a project which includes a number of menus on the top and side of the screen. For some reason when playing or previewing it if you click on some of the menu items (standard text boxes) they are either moving on the screen or disappearing completely. The only state change I have on is a colour change when hovered over. They have no animation on them either but are triggers to different layers. I can't figure it out as it's different text boxes that disappear every time I try it. Very confused. 

Any help would be appreciated.







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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

Since you mentioned seeing this in preview and publish, I'd want to confirm that you're working locally as described here.  Also, please check that you're viewing the published output within the intended environment as described here. 

If the behavior still persists, I think we'll need to take a look at the file. Can you share a copy of it here with us? 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Michael

I think it could be to do with how you have the states set up.  Your trigger is to change the state to selected when the user hovers over - normally the hover state would happen automatically when the user hovers over, you don't need a trigger. Same when the user clicks, the built in 'selected' state would kick in.  You still need to have those states for each object you just don't need to trigger them to occur.

When they hover over 1A you want it to highlight 'white' and then when they click to select it should it stay white even when they have moved onto 1B and so on.  If that is the case you may want to use the 'Visited' state instead of the 'Selected' state (which is a toggle) click once to select on and click again will select off...hope that makes sense.

Let me know the behaviour you are expecting for one of the Activities and I'll try and help you work through it.