Text Boxes Do not Always Appear

I have a course that has been completed by roughly 6,000 people in the last 2 months.  It is hosted on ScormCloud.  One of the slides contains 4 text boxes that fly in from the left to match the audio. 

In about 25 instances so far, the text boxes did not all appear.  Sometimes 3 of them fly in, sometimes only 2.  Which ones appeared (or didn't) did not reveal a pattern.

Since these text boxes serve as buttons to launch other required content, a user cannot complete the course successfully when any of the boxes do not appear.

I have the most updated version of 360.  My thought is that this is an issue with parts of the course not downloading to the user's browser, but I cannot say for sure.  Since it works for 99%+ of the users, I know it isn't an issue with the course.

Has anyone else run into any behavior like this?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Douglas,

It sounds like this is a rare and intermittent issue that could be browser-related. Have you been able to determine if there's a trend in what browser is being used for the learners who are running into this issue?

You can always feel free to reach out to our support engineers and have them take a look at that specific slide to see if they can replicate or spot a problem!