Text boxes lose internal margin settings in HTML 5 output if the text in the box includes an 'Insert>Reference text variable.

When I view my HTML 5 output all of the Text boxes that include an 'Insert>Reference' text variable in them lose the internal margin set for the text box. If I remove the text variable from the text box content the internal margins I have set reset correctly. The variable just enters the users name so I want to keep it in the text so it's personalised.

The margins appears fine in preview, just when you export to HTML 5 the margin properties are lost. If any one can help that would be great.

Using: SL2, update 10

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John Say

Hi Colette!  I was able to replicate the issue on my end.   I was able to confirm that the margins are ignored in the HTML5 output if there's a variable reference in the text.  If the text really needs the margins, I suggest having a separate text box for the text that includes the user's name.   I have submitted a report to our Quality Assurance department for the issue as well and referenced this forum thread.  Hope this helps!