Text Buttons and Triggers

Jun 13, 2016

I have been working on one slide the entire day today. This slide has 19 text buttons (which I inserted a scrolling panel). Each text button are bulleted points with sub-bullets located on left side of the slide. When you click on each text button (bullet/sub-bullet), information layer will be revealed pertaining to that text button on the right side of the slide. My concern is that I created 19 triggers to hide a layer per each text button, along with 19 triggers to change the state of each text button as well.  It is no faster to copy and paste each individual trigger than it is to actually program each trigger. You can't really copy and paste each text box,  since you need all the text on the slide first to choose what layer to hide or change state of. 

I have all these triggers, because if you don't hide a layer or change the state of each one, you will have overlapping font or buttons that remain highlighted. Is there an easier way?



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Joe Castro

Ok...that helps a little bit. But for each button text I create, have set up a state change that  highlights to white when you click it. If I click another button, I have that new button change the state to white and the previous button I have state change back to black. In order for me to do this to all 19 buttons I have to change the state of each button on the page per each text button setting. Because if I choose a button at the bottom of the slide then go back to one of the first buttons and the top of the slide, I would have to make sure that the state change goes back to normal on the button I just left, no matter what button I choose on that slide.

Walt Hamilton

Make the Selected state be the white state. Then you don't need a trigger, because the Selected state has a built in trigger that changes it to selected when the user clicks it.

Select all the buttons, right click, choose Button Set and click Button Set 1.  Making them a button set invokes built-in triggers that allow only one of them to be selected at a time, so when you click on one, it is set to Selected state, and all the others are set to Normal state.

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