Text changes from machine to machine

So I have been working with Storyline for years but am just recently coming across an issue that has my perplexed. I create a template that I want to share with my team. We use custom font and I make sure everyone has the same font but when I share it with them the size of the font changes and even the position of the font changes. Here is what I mean. I am on a Mac running Parallels to create these interactions and this is how it looks.

So everything looks good but when I hand this off to someone on a PC (or even when I create this on a PC and hand it off to someone else on a different PC I get the same results) here is what they see when they pull it up on these same two elements.

You can see in the base of the button it makes the text really small. On other machines it has made the text really big. In the base of the menu the lesson selectors are bigger but the %percentComplete% is in a whole different position and same with the Course Complete text.

How do I make sure this is consistent when I share this with other people? Thank you for your help.

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