Text corruption for Adobe Fonts using Modern Text

Apr 03, 2019


I have a "catch 22" situation with fonts for my project in SL360.

  • I need to use Roboto Condensed in Bold for buttons, using shapes. This font comes bundled with SL360.
  • I need to use Parka Regular for titles. This is an Adobe Font, synchronized with Creative Suite.
  • With Modern Text unchecked, Roboto Condensed doesn't appear in Bold; Parka Regular is clean.
  • With Modern Text checked, Roboto Condensed appears in Bold; Parka Regular is corrupted.

I can use images for buttons, but still, why is Parka Regular not showing properly with Modern Text enabled? and why Roboto Condensed doesn't appear bolded without Modern Text?

I don't recall many glitches using Adobe Fonts, but I get the feeling that Modern Text is corrpting them...

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jean-Christophe,

I did a bit of searching and saw a few other issues our team is investigating with Adobe fonts not rendering correctly in Storyline. Would you be able to share a copy of your .story file with our team so that they can take a better look and do some additional testing? If so, you can upload directly here to our Support Team

Jean-Christophe Goyette

Hello Ashley,

I have sent the file to your Team. I also did various tests with different synchronized fonts... and Parka Regular isn't the only one that gets corrupted in Modern Text. I then indicated how the fonts were used (installed, synchronized, as a Theme, as a regular selection, etc.). Finally, you may toggle Modern text ON and Off to see how it affect all fonts, including Roboto Condensed, which the Bold version isn't displayed in Standard Text. Everything can be seen both in Preview Mode and published for Moodle.

The issues I see here are as following:

  • Some pre-installed fonts do not display correctly when Modern Text is OFF, but are corrected when Modern Text in ON.
  • Some synchronized font from Adobe do not display correctly when Modern Text is ON, but are corrected when Modern Text in OFF.

For your info, we decided to use Modern text and to limit ourselves to pre-installed fonts only. We are recently testing out SL360's font rendering for future projects, so we weren't caught off-guard by it.

However, considering how popular synchronized fonts and related services are these days, I feel like it can become a huge problem if Storyline cannot display these fonts properly, or developpers have to be make compromises when it comes to font selection. I know that there are thousands of fonts to pick, but still, the fact that Modern Text corrupts synchronized fonts is not a trivial problem.

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