Text describing variable on Review Quiz displays

I have a numeric question and the answer is 1.  If a learner clicks "Review quiz," in this question slide, there is a note that says "Correct Response is equal to 1." This is in black text (and I have an almost-black background), and it's not positioned where I need it. Where can I go to format or move this text? Unable to find it on the slide form or slide, nor on the results slide.

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Darlene.  The correct answer text is automatically formatted.  In Storyline 360, you can choose not to reveal the correct answers by checking this box in your Review Quiz trigger:

If you'd like to show the correct answer on those slides but with your own formatting, you can use the Form View on those question slides to edit the Review layer.  Add some text to your Post quiz review in the Feedback options, and you'll see the Review layer is ready for editing!