Text direction of imported Arabic text.

We have multiple courses created in SL2 that are being translated into Arabic.  I used the Word document translation format.  When I import the file, the text fields are being displayed as left to right text.  If I select each text field and change the text direction choice then they display correctly.  Is there a global way to do this per course?  I have already changed the player options and those items appear correct.

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John Louden



They appear correct in the word document.

However when I pasted it here it is backwards.

- قد تتضمن الدورة التدريبية التالية توضيحات لإجراءات الصيانة التي تتطلب اعتبارات سلامة خاصة.

 I can send you the Word file but I would rather not post it in the discussion forum because of client confidentiality.