Text Disappearing on rewind using seekbar


I was syncing audio to different text boxes on my Layer in a Slide. I noticed that after completing this and previewing it, the initial text above the picture at the start of the layer would disappear. I would use the seekbar to move backwards and forwards in the layer and only that initial text would disappear permanently. The picture and the following text remained the entire time. Everything looks like it lines up on the timeline. Also, the picture and initial text have the same fade out animation, so if the text is effected then why isn't the picture? I have attached the storyline file for you to review.

Please note: This is for the 1992 LAYER. Please ignore the other layers on the slide because they are not yet completed. I don't think the other layers would effect what's going on in the 1992 layer, but if you notice something please let me know.

Thanks so much!


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