Text Dragging off in HTML5 Version?

Hey gang!

I have created some learning objects where you drag a word from a list and drop it on the proper blank next to an image. I've noticed some odd things in that, if there are a lot of draggable words, some times the click area is off. Example, if I have a column with the word "Yes", then directly under that text box is another text box with the word "Cat", sometimes in the html5 exported files in Firefox, when I try to click on Yes, there is no trigger. But when I click on Cat, Yes begins to drag. However it all works perfectly in the flash version. 

Is this a known issue like text boxes being too close together or too many draggable objects on stage? Just a little confused because this has only happened on a few projects, while others work perfectly well. 

Thanks for any thoughts. Greatly appreciated. 


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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Kelly.

Don't forget that Firefox does not yet fully Support HTML5.  Taking a look at our Compatibility Chart, if your learners are using Firefox, you will need to publish your output in Flash.

If you need to distribute your output in multiple formats, here is a handy article on how Storyline determines which version of your content to display when users view it.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!