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I am trying to build a question slide in Storyline that is a double text entry with both having the same possible answers. The only issue I'm having is trying to figure out a way to stop the user typing in the same answer into both text entries and getting the question right. I've been playing around with variables but just cant come up with a solution. Can anyone help?

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Donna Westwood

Thanks Wendy - We have seen this and used this principle - would it be better for us to attach a file?? This Issue is that the user is asked to list 2 of 4 things -  so they could type the same answer in both and still be correct?? We are looking for a solution to stop them from being able to do this?? :)

Wendy Farmer

Hey Donna

see if this rough example will help you. I've used a combination of TE variables and T/F variables in the triggers. The Pick One correct/incorrect buttons on stage just for testing.

Correct response returned if:

  1. TB1 = apple and TB2 = orange
  2. TB1 = orange and TB2 = apple

Incorrect response returned if:

  • TB1 = apple and TB2 = apple
  • TB1 = orange and TB2 = orange
  • TB1 and TB2 have any other entries but points 1 and 2 above

Hope this helps or gives you an idea for your project

Donna Westwood

Nope, the question simply states - List two of the four considerations when reducing risk so far as is reasonably practicable:

So they need to know it... This is the question from the examining body unfortunately :( I can make multiple response questions, and drag and drop questions with the partial scoring that they are insistent on, but this text entry has me stumped - in so far as preventing the user from scoring two points by entering the same answer twice.

Donna Westwood

HOORAY!! - I think I have fixed my own problem..... see attached file - it now subtracts a point if the two text entries equal each other!!

However.... is there a way to get it to reset if a users changes their mind and deletes the entered text??

Thanks for your Help Wendy!!