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Hi all

I have been building an activity in a course which takes learners through how to correctly use the company style manual. In it I have an activity where they identify the incorrect styles, then input the correct style using the text entry. One of the key points however is that the style needs the correct formatting, including whether it is in bold or italics, which the text entry function doesn't seem to accept. Is this correct or have I missed something?

If I am correct, I'm open to suggestions on how I may achieve this...



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Tyler P

I'm also looking to see if there is a way to implement some kind of rich-text/WYSIWYG editor such as TinyMCE inside of Storyline for users to input data into. 

I'm creating an activity for users to practice creating citations in both MLA and APA documentation styles. This requires that they are able to italicize and bold text in their response inputs, but I understand Storyline does not support this functionality at the moment. 

I would consider using TinyMCE imported as a web object into Storyline, but if I did that, I wouldn't be able to provide the users with a summary of their responses to download or print out at the end since I would loose the ability to use input text variables inside of Storyline if I used an external tool such as TinyMCE.

Hopefully Storyline might build this feature in the future.

Matthew Bibby

Tyler, there are ways to pass the text from the text editor back to Storyline, but I think it might lose its formatting in the process. 

That being said, you might be able to take the text from the text editor and pass it to the PDF so people have a summary they can take away... but I'd need to look into it further to see if it's possible.

Tyler P

Hey Matthew. I understand how to pass the text from the built in Articulate Text Entry Field into a variable. From there I could display user responses anywhere in storyline, and eve use some JavaScript to print it out to a PDF.

My issue is trying to figure out a way for users to style their input (Italics, bold) and save that data for use later. This is where TinyMCE or similar rich-text editors would be useful if there was a way to capture the users responses. 

From what I know, the only way to get a rich-text editor inside of Storyline is to import one as a web object, essentially iFraming it in from a website, which wouldn't allow me to capture any of the user input that the is entered/submitted.

Matthew Bibby

There is a relatively new, modern, rich-text editor called Quill which looks promising. It has an API, so passing the values from inside the text editor to Storyline will be possible.

However, I suspect that Storyline will strip out the formatting at that point. It might be possible to pass the values from Quill to PDFmake or jsPDF and output the formatted text as a PDF.

Tyler P

Hey Matthew, thanks for the info. I checked out Quill and apparently it stores input as a json object inside of the browser window DOM, including any styling attributes that are used, but I'm still not sure I could actually grab any of that info from Articulate. I'm going to have to look into this more. Thanks.