Text entry and triggers

Hello all,


I'm currently building a game and facing some major problems here. 

I've created a text-entry question where the learners have to answer either "82.14" or "82,14" in which they will earn 5 points for this question.

I created a trigger where if they click the "submit" button after getting the question correct, it will:

1. show layer "Question 5 correct"

2. Add 5.00 to score (the variable)

3. Play media "Audio 5"

With conditions:

If Occupancy (the variable of the text entry box) is equal to 82.14 or Occupancy is equal to 82,14. It doesnt seem to work as it always goes to the "Question 5 wrong" layer, play all the audios that exist on this timeline and not doing anything to the score. 

I did the exact same thing for the wrong answer except the operator is not equal to and everything works perfectly fine!


What I have done trying to solve this:

1. Remove and readded the triggers

2. Change the button

3. Change the text-entry box

4. Change the variables

5. Closed the project and opened it 2 days later hoping that it was only a bug.

6. Used "equal to (ignore case)" instead of "equal to" and removed the "or" condition


None of these seem to be the solution though :(.

Anyone here knows what possibly could've gone wrong? 

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