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Sep 18, 2015

I'm working with two different variable issues with this project.  On the first one, I want selections from slides 2 and 4 to populate on slide 5 (mission accomplished).  My second variable issue is trying to get text entry data from slides 2 and 4 to populate on slide 5.  The text entry data is dependent upon the initial selections learners make from my initial variable issue.

Bottom line:  I can't get my text entry data to appear on slide 5.  The source file is attached.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jonathan

not sure if I have made it easier or harder for you.  See sample file attached.  I removed your final slide, duplicated it and removed all the triggers just for testing. I also re-ordered the triggers on your input pages.

I used TLR for low item and PHR for high item


Michael Hinze

I had a look at your file. There were several issues. For example on some layers on slide 1 and 2 there are triggers that set variables When user clicks on the text entry box, instead of When control loses focus. That is why text entries are not captured correctly in the first place. On the summary slide, there were issues with triggers changing the state of boxes based on When Variable is equal to the value=xyz, instead of ...equal to VARIABLE xyz. Other triggers are pointing to Response, instead of Response1. In at least one instance (Trust) the state of the text box was referencing the wrong variable.

I fixed the low and high entries for Trust. See below and attached.

I suggest you go through the slides, layers and states again and double-check the triggers.

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