Text Entry - Auto Cursor

This is more a suggestion for future implementation in Storyline.

I sometimes have to build software or HR form walkthrough courses, which means using the Text Entry feature in Storyline. It would be great if there were a checkbox on theText Entry quiz slide options that allows you to make the cursor automatically populate in the text field, rather than making the user click on it and then type.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Arend,

If the text entry is at the bottom of the timeline, the cursor flashes waiting for Learners to type. BUT, it sounds like perhaps that won't work for you because there's a lot going on on the screen.

So, Articulate likes when people send along feature requests, in order to determine what end users need. Perhaps you could do that?

Arend Raifsnider

Hi Rebecca,

Yes, I submitted that request after I posted this.

I didn't realize you can do it by placing it on the bottom layer. It's tough when you're trying to make it appear over something like an HR form, but I can get around that by placing the form graphic on a slide layout rather than as a layer.

Thanks for the suggestion!