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dave faldasz

Hi Norma!

Ok, I took the easy way out: I chose to interpret your request as "individual words being typed in and being checked". If you want to check for a word that is nested in the middle of a whole sentence, I could only think of having to transfer the entry into a JavaScript variable, parse the heck out of it, feed it back into Articulate, and then... then check to see if it matches your words (or do the word match in JavaScript - neither of which I am talented enough to do!).

so - easy way (see attached demo):
I inserted an Input - Data Entry field that a user could type into, changing a variable content. Then I set up 3 other variables and connected them to the display so we can change them as our comparison words (In case you don't like the fruit I chose - lol). I made 3 layers that each show a bright light bulb overlay. I brute-force checked for each word and had a layer for each. There must be a more elegant way. This was fast and done.

hope that helps. Is there a lookup table way to accomplish the same thing? anyone?