Text entry box didn't work after refreshing the screen.

There are some simulations I designed and published as "Web" version in AS2, where I added some Text- Entry boxes. They all work fine at the first attempt but sometimes we face problem typing the information in the textbox - cannot type anything.

It happens when you refresh the page while the simulation still running and continue from where you left. However, it is difficult to reproduce the same error as it rarely happens. My peers also encounter the same problem. 

The quick fix is to close the browser, re-open again and then go to the simulation.

We all use Internet Explorer version 11 in the company, not sure if there is something has to do with browser itself.

I would like to know if anyone facing the same problem.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mohammad!

It does make it hard to pinpoint and diagnose if you are unable to consistently reproduce the issue.

Let us know if you do find some consistencies and would like us to take a look at your .story file and hopefully you will hear from other users here if they have seen something similar.

I'll be following along as well.