Text Entry boxes in simulation recordings

Hello, why is it when I record software sims in Articulate, the text entry boxes for field entries tends be large in size (white text entry box covers the screen) and when I adjust the size and try to reduce the font size, Storyline will not let it set to the desired size.

Is there an easier way as seems to be wasting a lot of time in recording simple exercises.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Babita, 

When you record a screencast in Articulate Storyline and insert it into your course as Try mode steps orTest mode steps, you may find that a data-entry field is misplaced or the wrong size.

The size and location of recorded elements, such as text-entry boxes, is dependent on the data communicated by the application you're recording. You may need to adjust the size or placement of a text-entry box after you've inserted your screen recording as step-by-step slides in your Storyline course.

Tip: If you're recording a web browser, we recommend using Internet Explorer. It provides the best data. Firefox also works well. Google Chrome doesn't do a good job of communicating data to Storyline. See this article for more information